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Your First Place On Your Own! The Renting Blues…

July 28, 2015

The hype of renting your 1st apartment can get you into some big trouble.

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My 1st apartment wow do I have some great memories!!! But I had no clue of all the responsibility that came with living on my own. Being inexperienced on the financial considerations of renting I found myself more indebted than I was before I moved out of my sister’s place. This cloud had a silver lining as I learned how to help people try to avoid those costly mistakes.

Understand your budget. This is the 1st and most important part of renting. Take the time to look over your finances and have a  good understanding of what you can afford. Look at your total monthly expenses before you rent. After you figure that out determine how much you can afford on rent, the utility expenses, along with your monthly entertainment. Which when I was renting came before the utility expenses. Smh….

The lease is a very important piece of the puzzle. Trust me when I say, “Read over that lease with all of your attention!” Ask the landlord questions. If you don’t understand something that is in the lease don’t just ignore it only to convince yourself you’ll worry about it later. Just because it’s in the lease it doesn’t mean it can’t get taken out of the lease. EVERYTHING is negotiable.

The ideal time frame to start looking for an apartment would be about 3 months before your lease ends. And why do I say three months? Many landlords and apartment communities require their current residents to give a 60 day notice. That will get you ahead ofthe game! If you start looking too soon and fall in love with a place the landlord will not hold that apartment for you. Landlords look to lease their apartments with in 30 days of their current resident’s move out date. So don’t get the apartment renting blues by falling in love with a fabulous apartment to learn that the landlord won’t hold it for you for 6 months. As the old saying goes money talks! Apartment Hunting? We Can Help

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Renting Your Home Equals Freedom And Flexibility

July 21, 2015



There are many great benefits to renting your home vs. homeownership. Homeownership comes with a lengthy commitment, money, and responsibilities that can take a lot of your personal time. When looking at your living lifestyle, renting maybe your perfect fit. Yes… many people have said, including myself, that buying a home is better than renting, but allow me to highlight three reason why renting may be what’s best for you.

1. Easy Living

Homeownership comes with many responsibilities and one big one is home maintenance. You have to care for you home the same way you care for your car. There are annual and seasonal maintenance tasks that come with homeownership which includes: cleaning the gutters, servicing your furnace, lawn care, and snow removal, just to name a few. With renting most of those home maintenance concerns are by the landlord. So for you renters,  … Throw that seasonal home maintenance list out the window and start using your time enjoying you!


2. Flexibility

Life happens and with that renting offers the freedom of flexibility. Homeownership is a long term commitment.  Are you ok with being tied down for at least 5 years? In the same house? In the same neighborhood? You may go into work one day and find out that your company is going to be relocating you. So when life happens no need to worry about putting your house on the market for sale with hope of selling your home within your timeframe. Renting is short term temporary living, which will allow you to grow and change with the day to day dealings of life.


3. The upfront costs

Buying a home cost thousands of dollars; which does not including the repairs that are sure to come after you move in. You may have to replace a furnace or have some plumbing done. The typical fees that are associated with renting are the application, security deposit, parking, and other deposits such as keys and pet fees. These rental fees are less than the closing cost associated with homeownership which can end up saving you thousands of dollars.


Personally I do view renting as throwing your money out the window but that depends on your current living lifestyle. As for me when I get older there is no doubt in my mind that the last thing I will want to worry about is mowing my lawn rather than sitting on my boat in the lake with my grandkids!


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Shopping For Your Home… Location, Location, Location.

July 14, 2015

When buying your next home what is the one thing you hear the most? Location, Location, Location! “What does that mean?” I can help you to better understand the real estate term location…

There are several factors that come into play when you are trying to understand location, location,location. One being  your living life style, then of course the area, and another important factor is the timing of buying your home.


I feel that location equals amenities based off of your lifestyle. For example if you have young children many people buy their home based off of a certain school district. Or maybe you want a certain commute time to and from work. You also have to understand the area of the home that you are looking to buy in. The area is also a big factor when it comes to the resale of your home and the equity you can gain. To better understand the area of a community look at the amenities nearby. For example shopping centers, grocery stores, parks, entertainment, and expressways. A home that backs up to a highway will be less desirable to a home that backs up to a wooded lot.

If you can buy a home when the time is right this can be a huge financial gain for you! Look into a location where development is going on. Find out what they’re building and look at the area that they are developing. Ask yourself would you live here and why? This can be a great opportunity for you to buy a home and gain thousands of dollars in equity in a short period of time.

Before you go out shopping for you next home start with developing a property wish list. Your wish list should be very detailed not just the wants you are looking for with in your home but in the community as well.

Once you have found the home that you are excited to write an offer on; I recommend you take the time and do your research within the neighborhood. Check out the neighborhood at different days and times. So you can see the atmosphere of the community. The house maybe great as well as the neighboring homes; but you are viewing the home on a weekday during work hours… No was is around; of course the area looks great!

Allow yourself to make a better, wiser home purchase by taking the time to educate yourself on the home buying process as well as working with a knowledgeable Real Estate Buyers Agent.  Allow ROC City Realty, LLC to become your trusted Real Estate Advisor! Register today to attend our Homebuyer Readiness workshops gain a great understanding of Location, Location, Location!

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Working With A Real Estate Buyers Agent

July 7, 2015

Why not work with a real estate buyers agent ?? Nowadays the internet is the starting point when looking for a home. In this age of technology it’s the quick and easy way to browse. The internet does provide fast results and convenience but where is the guidance where is the expertise? A real estate professional is licensed by the state and has been specially trained to help you with buying your home, offering expert advice and knowledge about your local Real Estate market.

Education is the biggest benefit to working with a realtor. For example, when shopping for your wedding attire you always bring a trusted advisor with you to protect your interests and sometimes to protect you from yourself. Why wouldn’t you want a trusted advisor with you when buying a home? Realtors are trusted advisors; we offer many facts on the area, the market, legal questions, paperwork, and so much more. You certainly wouldn’t want to look less than amazing on your wedding day and you certainly wouldn’t be able to live with a bad real estate purchase.

Another benefit of a Realtor over the internet is our ability to negotiate. We are professionals who are trained to present our buyers case based on the comparable home sales, location, and other real estate factors. Our skills allow us to present our clients in the best light while keeping your information private to the other interested parties in the home. Realtors are immersed in negotiations everyday and we all know there is no substitute for experience.

Realtors give advice as well. A good Realtor will take the time to get to know you in order to better offer advice when shopping for a home. Many companies are so large that they only see dollar signs and not people with families. I have seen buyers get steered into a home they really do not love and even worse, cannot really afford because of a Realtor. Roc City Realty | Rentals & Real Estate, LLC is a small, home grown firm that takes the time to get to know clients and their families. In fact, many of my past clients are my friends!

The paperwork… There is a LOT of paperwork when buying a home. Just a purchase contract alone can be 7-plus pages, not including the addendum and disclosure forms that can go along with it. We know and understand all of the paper work involved in writing your purchase offer. We are here to explain all the documents to you in a way that you understand what exactly it is that you are sign off on. We also help you write the purchase offer in a way that will protect you and is also attractive to the seller.

Working with a buyer agent offers a lot of value. I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard of buyers who purchased a home they fell in love with on some app or online site without the guidance of Realtor, who had disastrous results. The best part is that our services are offered to you FREE! The buyers agent is paid from the seller of the home.


Buying a home is an investment no matter how you look at it. Real estate can provide comfort for you and your family for years to come! When looking to buy your 1st home or your 5th working with a buyers agent is always a wise idea.

Register today for our home buyer readiness workshop and allow us to become your trust real estate advisors.

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Choosing Your Realtor

June 30, 2015

Buying a home is a process with many steps. There are many people other than your realtor who are part of your buying process but a key team member in your home buying process remains your Realtor. Real estate agents are important partners when you’re buying or selling a home. Real estate agents can provide you with helpful information on homes and neighborhoods that is not easily accessible to the public. Our knowledge of the home buying process, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the area you want to live in can be extremely valuable.

A buyer’s agent works on behalf of you. As a buyer you should use a buyer’s agent who represents your interest in the transaction. This way you know your interests are protected in the transaction. You want to work with someone that is experienced in representing the buyer and securing the best purchase price for you. Not all agents are experts in working with buyers or sellers, so you need to ask specifics. This way you know your interests are protected in the transaction. Likewise if you are a seller, you want to work with someone that is experienced in representing the seller and securing the most qualified buyer at the best net profit for you. Not all agents are experts in working with buyers or sellers, so you need to ask specifics. Real estate sales professionals can provide you with numerous services, including:

  •  Matching your wish list to current homes actually for sale
  • Inform you on neighborhoods and specific homes on the MLS
  • Make appointments to view homes
  • Negotiate your offer to purchase a home

And best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to use a buyer’s agent – they’re compensated from the commission paid by the seller of the house!


Whether you are looking for a buyer agent or seller agent, keep in mind, agents will tell you what you want to hear. Make sure they are not selling you a dream partnership… You want to hire a realistic real estate agent. You should feel free to build trust with a real estate agent over a few hours of looking before signing anything. Think about it would you buy an outfit without at least trying it on? Register to attend one of our monthly Home Buyer Readiness Workshop and receive tips to help you to find a real estate professional who is best for you!

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