About Me

ROC City Realty, LLC has been changing lives and inspiring first-time and experienced home owners and buyers in Rochester for over a decade. Carmelie Diamond, broker/owner, strives to help Rochester residents to realize their dreams and grow into the home or rental property they love and can be proud of.

Specializing in quality luxury homes and apartments, ROC City Realty promotes affordable properties with a stress-free, careful approach to real estate. By fostering strong personal connections and relationships with buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, and other stakeholders, ROC City Realty provides continuity and comfortability with a smile!

Carmelie Diamond is a life-long Rochestarian and quality-driven professional dedicated to bringing a breath of fresh air to the real estate industry in Rochester.

Carmelie is passionate about her work at ROC City Realty, LLC – connecting first-time and experienced home owners/renters with high quality, affordable properties.

Carmelie Diamond is making Rochester smile, one ROC City Realty property at a time.

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