Working With A Real Estate Buyers Agent

July 7, 2015

Why not work with a real estate buyers agent ?? Nowadays the internet is the starting point when looking for a home. In this age of technology it’s the quick and easy way to browse. The internet does provide fast results and convenience but where is the guidance where is the expertise? A real estate professional is licensed by the state and has been specially trained to help you with buying your home, offering expert advice and knowledge about your local Real Estate market.

Education is the biggest benefit to working with a realtor. For example, when shopping for your wedding attire you always bring a trusted advisor with you to protect your interests and sometimes to protect you from yourself. Why wouldn’t you want a trusted advisor with you when buying a home? Realtors are trusted advisors; we offer many facts on the area, the market, legal questions, paperwork, and so much more. You certainly wouldn’t want to look less than amazing on your wedding day and you certainly wouldn’t be able to live with a bad real estate purchase.

Another benefit of a Realtor over the internet is our ability to negotiate. We are professionals who are trained to present our buyers case based on the comparable home sales, location, and other real estate factors. Our skills allow us to present our clients in the best light while keeping your information private to the other interested parties in the home. Realtors are immersed in negotiations everyday and we all know there is no substitute for experience.

Realtors give advice as well. A good Realtor will take the time to get to know you in order to better offer advice when shopping for a home. Many companies are so large that they only see dollar signs and not people with families. I have seen buyers get steered into a home they really do not love and even worse, cannot really afford because of a Realtor. Roc City Realty | Rentals & Real Estate, LLC is a small, home grown firm that takes the time to get to know clients and their families. In fact, many of my past clients are my friends!

The paperwork… There is a LOT of paperwork when buying a home. Just a purchase contract alone can be 7-plus pages, not including the addendum and disclosure forms that can go along with it. We know and understand all of the paper work involved in writing your purchase offer. We are here to explain all the documents to you in a way that you understand what exactly it is that you are sign off on. We also help you write the purchase offer in a way that will protect you and is also attractive to the seller.

Working with a buyer agent offers a lot of value. I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard of buyers who purchased a home they fell in love with on some app or online site without the guidance of Realtor, who had disastrous results. The best part is that our services are offered to you FREE! The buyers agent is paid from the seller of the home.


Buying a home is an investment no matter how you look at it. Real estate can provide comfort for you and your family for years to come! When looking to buy your 1st home or your 5th working with a buyers agent is always a wise idea.

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