Renting Your Home Equals Freedom And Flexibility

July 21, 2015



There are many great benefits to renting your home vs. homeownership. Homeownership comes with a lengthy commitment, money, and responsibilities that can take a lot of your personal time. When looking at your living lifestyle, renting maybe your perfect fit. Yes… many people have said, including myself, that buying a home is better than renting, but allow me to highlight three reason why renting may be what’s best for you.

1. Easy Living

Homeownership comes with many responsibilities and one big one is home maintenance. You have to care for you home the same way you care for your car. There are annual and seasonal maintenance tasks that come with homeownership which includes: cleaning the gutters, servicing your furnace, lawn care, and snow removal, just to name a few. With renting most of those home maintenance concerns are by the landlord. So for you renters,  … Throw that seasonal home maintenance list out the window and start using your time enjoying you!


2. Flexibility

Life happens and with that renting offers the freedom of flexibility. Homeownership is a long term commitment.  Are you ok with being tied down for at least 5 years? In the same house? In the same neighborhood? You may go into work one day and find out that your company is going to be relocating you. So when life happens no need to worry about putting your house on the market for sale with hope of selling your home within your timeframe. Renting is short term temporary living, which will allow you to grow and change with the day to day dealings of life.


3. The upfront costs

Buying a home cost thousands of dollars; which does not including the repairs that are sure to come after you move in. You may have to replace a furnace or have some plumbing done. The typical fees that are associated with renting are the application, security deposit, parking, and other deposits such as keys and pet fees. These rental fees are less than the closing cost associated with homeownership which can end up saving you thousands of dollars.


Personally I do view renting as throwing your money out the window but that depends on your current living lifestyle. As for me when I get older there is no doubt in my mind that the last thing I will want to worry about is mowing my lawn rather than sitting on my boat in the lake with my grandkids!


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