The Heart Of The ROC

July 9, 2020

Covid Energy… Needing the #heartoftheroc! 

I miss the energy of the people of Rochester. This covid-19 has got me like knowing for a fact that I need city living. It’s been a different vibe for the past 2 months it’s been very quiet! I’ve had time to think in regards to moving and just knowing that I NEED the city life. The sound of trucks and buses and all the noise are what gets me going in the morning, and I’m blessed to have neighbors that are like 6 feet away from me that I can wave to and be social with while maintaining social distance.

If I was in the country with acres of land to myself at a time like this I think I would go crazy! And its not just the energy of my neighbors and the roads but it’s also the services like I miss going to the plaza and getting my eyebrows did and my ‘stache waxed but damn my girl had my brows fleeky I miss that I cant wait to get back to somewhat if a new normal but it’s gonna be a temporary new normal but when we bounce back its going to be a BETTER new normal. What kind of environment do you thrive in? The hustle and bustle of the City or the tranquility of the country?  This is an important consideration when house shopping… Buying and/or selling your next home.



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