The Heart Of The ROC

January 8, 2020

The Heart of The ROC!


I’m a girl that was born and raised in Rochester, New York. I’m also the real estate broker owner of ROC City Realty, a locally owned small business real estate firm. I grew up in the 10th ward aka the Maplewood neighborhood. Since becoming a realtor, I’ve always felt that buying a home isn’t just about the home and it’s features; it’s also about the community and it’s people. That’s why I want to share my love for the Rochester community with you starting from MY beginning, to the present, and then the future, all from eyes of a real estate broker.


I’ll highlight my fondest memories of this city, my family, small businesses, renting versus owning, investment properties, Kodak, being a young mother, becoming the broker owner of RCR, and many other hidden gems of Rochester. I have so many memories of the City of Rochester and of my hood (the maplewood community) that always fill my heart when I reflect on my childhood. The memories are so warm to my heart because not only was I raised in the maplewood neighborhood, but I still live there and I have raised both of my children just a few blocks away from my childhood home.

My journey in the maplewood community began before I was born; I was raised in our first family home in Rochester being that my parents immigrated from Haiti. My family was brought over by a man named Dr.Miller , who recruited immigrants from Haiti to work for Kodak.  My father has always held Dr. Miller in such high regard as he was the one who made my father “Charlie!” . Yup…papi won the golden ticket… and I’ll explain that more in our next blog post for a new life in the ROC. Rochester has provided my family and I with so much that I’ve decided to share it with you all #theheartoftheroc.

I’ve been wanting to share my blog for such a long time and I’m finally ready! As we canvas the Flower City together I’m going to show you how the Roc has helped to shape me into the person that I am today, and how I know it’s doing the same for my daughters in a more colorful paint. I’m entering 2020 saying thank you to God, my family, my haitian culture, and lastly the Roc for all the love the past 43 years. I hope you all enjoy!

ROC City… The Heart of The ROC!

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