The Power of Paint!

July 11, 2017


Painting the interior of your home can give it an entirely new feel and look. If you’re looking to sell, paint is the perfect, cheap way to attract buyers. Here are some neat tricks to help you pick the right colors for your home!


Lightening can completely change the look of paint in a room. When choosing a color, make sure you test it on the wall prior to painting the entire room.

 Check for undertones 

Many colors of paint have undertones, so certain colors in the room might bring out a tint in the paint.

Match your paint with any type of flooring, wood finishes, countertops, or tile you might have.

Matte or Semi Gloss?

Always check out the downsides to both matte and semi gloss paint before deciding which one to use. While matte is less durable, semi gloss will show any type of imperfections the walls might have.

Emotional State

Always focus on what room you’re painting and what emotional feel it gives. For example, bedrooms should give off a calm/relaxing feel while kitchens should give off a vibrant/energetic feel.

Don’t paint everything white!!

while keeping the room’s trim and ceiling white may make the room look clean and put together, painting the entire house is not an appealing look.

Combine warm with neutral

Warm and neutral colors are the way to go when selling your home. Not everyone likes hot pink walls in their living room, but a nice beige or brown is normally appealing to the eye.

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