Your Real Estate “Fashionista!!!”

May 15, 2015

My first blog! I’ve been very hesitant on blogging primarily due the fact that I’m unsure of what to blog about so here goes nothing….

A little about myself and ROC City Realty, LLC. I have been a licensed Realtor for over a decade. When I first started as a real estate sales person I would of never thought that I would end up practicing real estate for over 10 years let alone becoming a real estate broker owner. I knew I had the entrepreneurial drive but I figured it would be in the fashion industry due to my love of  FASHION!!! I have always used fashion as the ability to express Myself in many different colors, fabrics, pattern and collaborations, which has and still does put a smile on my face! Shoot let me find a hot pair of kicks (sneakers) that will put a smile on my face for days no wait correction it will put a smile on my face every time I have them on!!! This same excitement that I feel for fashion is the same excitement I feel about real estate service.

I have a great sense of humor!  I love happy people, funny people, really out of the box crazy people and normal people too!! I quickly learned that being in the business of real estate, you interact with so many different people, different ethnicities, different backgrounds and I LOVE it! The people I meet and the relationships we have built aside from business is truly priceless!

I found that shopping for your next home or investment property and shopping for an outfit have a lot of  things in common. Let me paint the picture for you…

You get to shop for an outfit ’till you find what’s right for you and then you buy it. Once it’s yours, you show your friends and get excited all over again when you finally get to put it on and display it.  This is the same for buying a home…You get excited about shopping. You look at different homes and see the different potential each possesses. Then you buy it..and it’s yours!  You dress it up..paint, fencing, plants, curtains, furniture…you get excited all over again. Then you show it off…friends and family come over to see your new “outfit”…and with a home, like shopping, it never ends! You can always get new “accessories”…and the excitement continues…

Yeah this works for me!!



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