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Location, Location, Location!

June 13, 2017


When a person begins to look for a house, they normally already have a set location in mind to begin with.  They might choose a location because of the school district, close to other family members, or close to their job. One aspect of picking out a location to house hunt is often overlooked though.

The location of a property can change the value of the house.  This is one of the main determinants in real estate. It is important to keep this in mind when talking with your real estate advisor and making sure to keep your options open.

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What are your home buying wants/needs?

June 6, 2017

When people are looking to buy a new home, they look for specific factors that contribute to the wants and needs in their lives.  It is important to pay attention to these, for buying a house is normally a long term investment.

One of the biggest things to pay attention to when house shopping is to stick to looking at houses in your price range.  This will prevent you from struggling in the future to making payments you cannot afford. Another big factor to look into when house hunting is the area the house is located and the size of the house.  If you find the house of your dreams but it is 45 minutes away from your job, you have to consider if you will be willing to make that drive back and forth everyday.  Also, if you find a house you like that might even be at the low end of your price range,  you have to take into consideration if that house is something you might out grow in a few years (children, etc).

People also look for specific wants around the house they are considering to purchase. If someone has kids, they most likely will want their house to be in a kid friendly neighborhood, with a park close by, or with minimal on going traffic.  Some people also look at the style of the house, is it old fashioned or modernly built? If someone truly has their mind set on any of these things, it could make or break the sale of a home.

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Keep $ in your pocket… which will save you more?

May 30, 2017


A loan for your mortgage can be confusing if you are left in the dark. Allow us to break down loan types available so you can choose what’s best for you! #HomeBuying #HomeBuyerTips #FirstTimeHomeBuyer #BuyersAgent #Realtor

FHA Government Loan

  • Offers low down payments
  • Flexible credit and income guidelines
  • No maximum income limitations

VA Government Loan

  • Loan programs for military members/families
  • Flexible qualifications guidelines

Conventional Mortgage Loan 

  • Insured by private lenders and investors
  • Instant equity and security

Balloon Mortgage Loan 

  • Low interest loans
  • Low monthly payments
  • Larger loan amount


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Purchasing a new home?! Well here’s some tea honey!

May 23, 2017


Allow these do’s and don’ts to guide you in the right direction of purchasing your new home!


  • Save, Save, Save! Have at least 20% down payment
  • Manage your credit score- Your utilization rate should be below 30% and you should not owe anymore than $3,000
  • Don’t forget about closing costs- Be prepared to pay anywhere between 2%-5% of your homes purchase price upfront
  • Emergency savings is a must- Have at least 6 months of living expenses put aside


D on’ts 

  • Change employment- Before or during your application process
  • Make major purchases- Around the same time as a mortgage application
  • Take on a mortgage you don’t think you can handle long term

Your First Place On Your Own! The Renting Blues…

July 28, 2015

The hype of renting your 1st apartment can get you into some big trouble.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.52.40 AM

My 1st apartment wow do I have some great memories!!! But I had no clue of all the responsibility that came with living on my own. Being inexperienced on the financial considerations of renting I found myself more indebted than I was before I moved out of my sister’s place. This cloud had a silver lining as I learned how to help people try to avoid those costly mistakes.

Understand your budget. This is the 1st and most important part of renting. Take the time to look over your finances and have a  good understanding of what you can afford. Look at your total monthly expenses before you rent. After you figure that out determine how much you can afford on rent, the utility expenses, along with your monthly entertainment. Which when I was renting came before the utility expenses. Smh….

The lease is a very important piece of the puzzle. Trust me when I say, “Read over that lease with all of your attention!” Ask the landlord questions. If you don’t understand something that is in the lease don’t just ignore it only to convince yourself you’ll worry about it later. Just because it’s in the lease it doesn’t mean it can’t get taken out of the lease. EVERYTHING is negotiable.

The ideal time frame to start looking for an apartment would be about 3 months before your lease ends. And why do I say three months? Many landlords and apartment communities require their current residents to give a 60 day notice. That will get you ahead ofthe game! If you start looking too soon and fall in love with a place the landlord will not hold that apartment for you. Landlords look to lease their apartments with in 30 days of their current resident’s move out date. So don’t get the apartment renting blues by falling in love with a fabulous apartment to learn that the landlord won’t hold it for you for 6 months. As the old saying goes money talks! Apartment Hunting? We Can Help

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